Woman who fell in shop awarded £30,000 compensation


A woman who tripped and fell in a shop has been awarded £30,000 compensation.

She was in the basement floor of a large store. The basement floor had two levels which were connected by a ramp. She didn’t notice the change in level and fell over, hitting her face on a shelving unit before landing on the ground.

She suffered a broken nose, fractured wrist, displaced septum and a whiplash injury to her neck. Her vocal chords were paralysed on one side and she had problems swallowing.

The woman, who is 66, had to undergo substantial medical treatment and was left with permanent symptoms including a tired voice, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing some foods and reduced sense of smell.

She brought an action against the store alleging that it had been negligent in failing to mark the change in floor levels, failing to fence off or install protective railings around the slope and failing to ensure her safety while on the premises.

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The store paid the woman £30,000 compensation in an out of court settlement.