Woman awarded £30,000 after falling in shop

Accidents, falls
Accidents, falls

A 66 year old woman who was injured when she fell in a shop has been awarded £30,000 compensation.

The accident caused injuries to her face and upper body and she was left with discomfort in her left shoulder. She also found it difficult to speak and swallow and her sense of smell was reduced.

It happened when she was walking through the basement level of a shop. She failed to see a ramp which altered the level of the floor. This caused her to fall and her face collided with a shelving unit before she hit the ground.

She suffered several injuries and her senses were affected

She broke her nose in the fall and displaced her septum. The left side of her face including her cheek and teeth were temporarily numb. Her left wrist was fractured and she suffered a whiplash type injury to her neck.

The injuries also affected her senses. Her sense of smell was reduced and her sense of hearing which was already problematic became worse in her left ear.

The left side of her vocal chords became paralysed which made it harder for her to speak or swallow. It also caused her voice to become more tired and hoarse towards the end of the day. She was unable to eat certain foods as they would make her choke or vomit.

She required 18 sessions of physiotherapy to help her cope with her injuries.

She said the shop had been negligent

She brought a claim against the shop saying it was negligent in:

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  • failing to mark clearly discrepancies between the floors
  • failing to have protective barriers around the slope
  • failing to ensure her safety on their premises

The shop agreed to an out of court settlement of £30,000.