Seven year old awarded £20,000 after walking into scaffolding

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A seven year old girl who walked into some scaffolding has been awarded £20,000 compensation.

Her face and teeth were severely injured in the accident and she needed to wear dentures. Over the years she became self conscious about her mouth.

When she hit the scaffolding her mouth and nose started to bleed. She went to A&E and they found that her nose was swollen. Although it was not fractured it had soft tissue bruising. There were lacerations on both her lips and her central incisor teeth had been fractured.

Her teeth were fractured and tender

She developed significant bruising around her eyes a few days after the incident.

After leaving the hospital she had to go to the dentist who told her that some of her teeth were fractured while other areas were tender and painful.

She had to keep regular dentist appointments for four years to try to save the affected teeth. During this time she had to avoid certain foods which could have harmed her teeth. When she was at school she needed to wear a mouth guard when playing sports.

Three teeth had to be removed

Eventually it turned out that three of her teeth could not be saved and she had to have root canal surgery before they could be removed. She then had to wear three false teeth on a plate. One of her teeth became sensitive and prone to infection which caused her to be absent from school fairly often.

She found her dentures uncomfortable and embarrassing to wear. She suffered teasing at school about her appearance and became self conscious. She was particularly upset by comments from boys.

She would prefer to have implants than dentures but will have to wait until she is 18 and has stopped growing. She would need a bone grafting operation to enable her to have implants.

The company settled out of court

She took action against the company that owned the scaffolding, claiming they;

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  • Did not keep her reasonably safe
  • Did not provide padding on the scaffolding
  • There was a foreseeable risk of personal injury

The company agreed to 50% liability and settled out of court at £20,000. £7,000 was for pain suffering and loss of amenity and £13,000 was for future dental bills.