School pupil wins £6,000 injury claim


A pupil has been awarded £6,000 injury compensation after being left with a permanent scar on his face following an accident at school.

The child was 13 years old at the time of the accident. He was in a lesson and the window had been left open in the classroom. The boy bumped his head on the open window and he had cut his forehead and eyelid.

The injury caused him to feel nauseous and suffer a headache. He was taken to A&E where he needed butterfly stitches to close the wound which went from the top of his left eyelid to the bottom of his left eyebrow.

He missed three days of school as a result of the injury and he needed painkillers to help him deal with the headaches. The scar between his eyelid and eyebrow was permanent. He had dark skin so the tissue was very noticeable. People would ask the boy how he got it which made him feel self conscious.

He brought a personal injury claim against the school

A medical expert told the court on a scale of one to five he would measure the severity of the scar at a three. It was visible from a ‘conversational distance’ and the medical expert described it as ‘permanent cosmetic deformity’.

He brought an accident claim against the school saying they were negligent in:

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  • Exposing him to a relatively foreseeable risk
  • Failing to show any proper regard for his safety
  • Failing to ensure that the premises were a reasonably safe environment for a pupil to partake in a lesson

The school admitted liability and the Court awarded the boy £6,183 for the pain suffering and loss of amenity he had had to endure.