Man left brain damaged after fall from moving bus

Moving bus fall

A 36 year old man has been awarded £1.3million compensation as well as £31,500 per year for the rest of his life after falling off a moving bus.

Moving bus fall

He was left brain damaged and significantly reduced vision. His life expectancy was reduced by five years.

The accident happened when the man got on a bus. The driver shut the doors on him and drove off. The man fell out of the bus while it was still moving.

He was left blind and brain damaged

He had to spend 20 months in hospital. His brain injuries resulted in severe cognitive and executive dysfunction. His memory and concentration levels were impaired and his visual fields had been reduced to such an extent that he was registered blind.

After the accident he became more aggressive. He was still able to communicate and had no physical limitations apart from his eyesight but his life changed.

He had previously worked as a designer and his career prospects had looked promising but he was unable to continue his job. When it came to everyday activities he not only needed supervising but also prompting. He was unable to cook and could not go outside unsupervised. He was also not able to be alone with his child because of safety fears.

He claimed the bus company was negligent

He brought a claim against the bus company saying they were negligent in;

  • Failing to operate the bus properly
  • Shutting the door on him
  • Driving away while he was trapped in the door
  • Accelerating after the door closed on the victim

The bus company disputed liability. They claimed that it was unclear whether the man himself had been negligent. They said it was impossible to know whether the victim had lost his balance, fallen or jumped from the bus.

The man was awarded £1.3million compensation

The court ruled in the man’s favour. They said that the company was at fault and he had not been negligent in any way.

He was awarded £1.3m including:

  • £300,000 for future loss of earnings
  • £189,183 for future accommodation and adaption costs
  • £184,000 for future care manager costs
  • £150,000 for pain suffering and loss of amenity
  • £125,000 for future day centre and headway costs
  • £78,750 for future contingency funds
  • £56,000 for future travel expenses
  • £22,500 for future Court of Protection costs
  • £8,000 for interest on general damages
  • £5,555 for future aid and equipment costs
  • £1,700 for Miscellaneous future costs

He was also awarded £31,500 per year for life to cover future basic care costs.