Consultation on extra protection for low paid workers

Low paid waitress

Low paid workers could be given more protections as the government announces its ‘Good Work Plan’.

The Good Work Plan was formed in response to the independent Taylor Review of impact modern working practices (2017).

The review suggested that the strength of the UK’s labour market is built on flexibility but that a clearer focus was needed on quality of work as well as the quantity of jobs.

Low paid waitress

The Good Work Plan includes numerous measures that will help vulnerable workers including:

• workers to be given enhanced rights to tackle unscrupulous employers who do not comply with the law
• a new body would enforce holiday pay for vulnerable workers and ensure agency workers are not underpaid

Business Secretary Greg Clark said: “A new single labour market enforcement body will bring together our different enforcement partners putting all our expertise in one dedicated place, better protecting workers and enforcing their rights now and into the future.”

The government has launched a consultation on proposals on how the new single labour market enforcement body could help individuals in need of support and also assist businesses in complying with the law.

The proposals include the body having consistent powers to enforce payment of the minimum wage, labour exploitation and modern slavery, along with holiday payments for vulnerable workers and safeguarding agency workers.

The consultation will consider whether the body should also enforce workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, said: “Stronger understanding and enforcement of employment rights is essential for creating fairer, more inclusive workplaces. The creation of a single enforcement body is an important step towards achieving better working lives for the UK’s most vulnerable workers.”

Mr Clark also announced that Matthew Taylor, the architect of the independent Taylor Review of modern working practices and an expert in modern business practices, has been appointed as the interim Director of Labour Market Enforcement.

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