Compensation for woman injured at hair salon


A woman who suffered a chemical burn to her scalp after having her hair coloured has been awarded £21,250 compensation.

She had to have a skin graft procedure following the incident but the affected area will never grow back.

The incident happened when she went to a salon to have highlights put in her hair. It wasn’t the first time she had had highlights but it was the first time she had gone to that particular salon.

Before having highlights put in, it is important to have a patch test. However, the woman’s stylist did not carry out this procedure. When the highlighting solution was applied to the woman’s hair, she immediately felt a burning sensation.

The manager inspected the woman’s hair and told her there was no problem. Later her mother noticed a red patch on her scalp.

She had to receive treatment at a specialist burns unit and undergo a number of skin graft operations. It also affected her psychologically. She lost her self esteem and became self conscious about her looks.

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She was awarded £21,250 in an out of court settlement after the salon admitted liability.