Chemical damage by hairstylist

£8,300 compensation

A 24 year old woman who suffered an allergic reaction and chemical burns to her scalp after having her hair dyed has been awarded £8,300 compensation.

She had wanted to lighten her hair colour. When she was at the salon she told them she had a history of dermatitis and wanted to use only natural products. She had an initial patch test, but on the day of the actual appointment the stylist did not use natural products.

The treatment went badly wrong

The woman’s hair colour had not changed as expected so the stylist applied a bleach product. When the bleach failed to work, the stylist dyed her hair dark again to cover inconsistencies in the colour.

Shortly after the woman had left the salon, her scalp and ears became red and swollen. Her cheeks also went red. She had to go to A&E where they gave her a steroid solution.

Physical and mental scars

The incident caused her both physical and psychological injuries. The physical affects included;

  • Her scalp remained pustular for two days
  • Her hair was damaged by chemical processing
  • She had bald patches caused by alopecia
  • Her skin was irritated as a result of contact with the chemicals

The injuries and change in her appearance also had a negative psychiatric effect on her. She experienced anxiety, depression and irritability. These symptoms led to her self-harming on more than one occasion.

A psychiatric expert said she needed a course of cognitive behavioural therapy with a clinical psychologist.

Salon admitted liability

She brought action against the salon saying the stylist was negligent in not taking reasonable care by repeatedly applying bleach product to her hair.

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The salon admitted liability and settled the case out of court. The woman was awarded £8,300 to cover future therapy sessions and for her pain suffering and loss of amenity.