Woman bitten by dog awarded £2,500 compensation

Need to control your dogs

A jogger who was bitten by a dog has been awarded £2,542 compensation for the pain and trauma it caused.

Need to control your dogs

The woman who was 33 years old at the time of the incident had been jogging when she approached some dogs. The owners of the animals did not have them on leads. When the woman started getting nearer to the dogs they followed her and started to surround her.

She was nervous but tried to carry on running through the pack but one of them jumped at her and bit her on the thigh.

Stress, pain and anxiety

The bite left two puncture wounds in the woman’s thigh and superficial damage to the surrounding area. It was left permanently scarred although the scar was only visible when she went swimming.

She also suffered from anxiety after the incident resulting in her not being able to sleep properly for two months and having flashbacks for three weeks.

Although she had previously been a regular jogger, the stress of the incident caused her to wait six months before she felt in any way comfortable to go jogging again. Even when she did she was not prepared to go the same route she had been on when she was attacked by the dogs.

The incident left her feeling anxious around all dogs and when she goes jogging now she will change direction and go out of her way to avoid any dogs she sees.

She was not expected to require any treatment for her injuries but the stress had left a lasting impression on her.

The owners did not admit liability

She brought a claim against the owners of the dogs. She said that they had been negligent in not controlling the dogs. If they have a tendency to bite, they should be on a lead or wearing a muzzle when they are out in a public area. If they had been the incident would have been avoided.

The owners of the dogs did not admit liability. Instead they ignored all attempts by lawyers to contact them and did not defend themselves in court.

It would seem that their poor attitude towards their own responsibility (as displayed by them not having their dogs on leads) had not improved despite the ordeal the woman had gone through.

The court ruled in her favour and she was awarded £2,542 for pain suffering and loss of amenity.

This case shows that even when you have to deal with people as unreasonable as the dog owners in the story, the courts will still allow you to claim compensation if it is deserved.