BBC accused of ageism and tokenism by newsreader

A former newsreader has accused the BBC of ageism and tokenism in its attitude to older women presenting mainstream programmes.

Anna Ford, who is a former journalist for the BBC and ITN, made her comments when she was a guest on Desert Island Discs on Radio 4.

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Women overlooked for top jobs

Women are still being overlooked for the top jobs in Britain according to a new report.

Only one in five top jobs going to women in Britain

One in five

The report, titled Sex and power 2011, by Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) showed that approximately four in five top jobs are being given to men.

It looked at how many women are in positions of authority and have strong influence within their organisation. The report includes 27 different industry categories from the public and private sector.

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Attractive women more likely to be successful

Women at work

Women at work

Attractive women are more likely to achieve success in the workplace than those who are not so good looking.

That is the view of eight out of ten women, according to a recent survey.

The poll was conducted by Marie Claire magazine to find out how women felt about their chances of success and progress at work. It found that women think that their looks as well as their ability have an impact on their success. They also feel that men are given more priority when it comes to improving their prospects.

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