Woman awarded £5,250 after being hit by tractor

A 28-year-old woman has been awarded £5,247 compensation after injuring her neck and back in a road accident involving a tractor.

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Man crushed in road accident awarded £249,000

A 57-year-old man has been awarded nearly a quarter of a million pounds after being dragged under a vehicle and crushed in a road traffic accident.

He suffered numerous injuries and his face was scarred for life. He had permanent pain in his lower back.

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Families of girls killed in train crash awarded compensation

The families of two teenage girls who died after being hit by a train have been awarded over £40,000 compensation.

They made their claims, as secondary victims, against the firm that was responsible for the maintenance of the railway crossing.

The girls were at the station intending to board a train. The layout of the station meant that to get to their platform they needed to cross a railway track through an unsecured wicket gate.

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Labourer wins back injury claim against employers

Courts of Justice

A man who injured his back at work has won his case in the Court of Appeal against his employers.

The labourer was injured while trying to move heavy equipment. The court ruled that his employers did not do enough to protect him and they will now be liable to pay him compensation for the injury he sustained.

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