Man crushed in road accident awarded £249,000

A 57-year-old man has been awarded nearly a quarter of a million pounds after being dragged under a vehicle and crushed in a road traffic accident.

He suffered numerous injuries and his face was scarred for life. He had permanent pain in his lower back.

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Seven year old awarded £20,000 after walking into scaffolding

Be sure to make safe

A seven year old girl who walked into some scaffolding has been awarded £20,000 compensation.

Her face and teeth were severely injured in the accident and she needed to wear dentures. Over the years she became self conscious about her mouth.

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School pupil awarded £24,500 after hockey injury

A schoolboy has been awarded £24,500 compensation after being injured in a hockey game at break time.

The incident happened when boy was 11 years old. Another pupil who was standing next to the boy had the ball when he swung his stick to strike it. After hitting the ball, the other pupil’s stick followed through and struck the boy in the face.

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Man awarded £1.65m after being injured at work

Lump sum and future income

A 52 year old concrete pump operator who was injured at work has been awarded a lump sum of £1.65m and £125,000 per year.

He was injured in an accident that left him needing 24 hour care after he suffered permanent brain injuries which resulted in physical and cognitive impairments.

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