Agency workers to be given equal rights

Agency workers who work for a company for 12 weeks are being given the same rights as permanent employees.

Agency workers get permanent rights after 12 weeks work

Agency workers

The move is important because many companies like to employ agency workers on a temporary basis to avoid granting them the same rights as permanent staff.

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Anglicised names

A company has been found guilty of race discrimination by an employment tribunal after it made its Indian staff call themselves by English names when talking to customers on the phone.

Race Discrimination

No Race Discrimination

The company which sells software to schools said it had asked its telesales employees from Indian origin to use an Anglicised version of their name on the phone and in their email address as it would help the customers avoid the difficulty of spelling Indian names.

Their white colleagues were not asked to use a false name.

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Right to express religious belief

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is applying to intervene in four cases at the European Court of Human rights.

Major religious symbols

Major religious symbols

They believe judges are interpreting religious discrimination laws too narrowly.

The cases involve a registrar who refuses to perform civil partnerships, a councillor who refuses to give sexual advice to gay couples and two people who refuse to remove their cross necklaces at work.

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Younger workers showing signs of age discrimination

Older woman at work on computer

Older workers

As the current economic slump continues and young people are finding it harder to find employment, there are signs that ageism might be starting to develop between different groups of workers.

New research suggests younger workers are becoming increasingly frustrated at their lack of job opportunities and a growing number are starting to blame the older generation.

The research by home and care provider, Anchor, shows that 14% of 18-24 year olds in Britain believe that older workers should retire to make way for the new generation.

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