Woman awarded £5,250 after being hit by tractor

A 28-year-old woman has been awarded £5,247 compensation after injuring her neck and back in a road accident involving a tractor.

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Boy awarded compensation after burning hands

A nine-year-old boy has been awarded £4,000 compensation after he suffered burns to his hands and fingers when he placed them on a hotplate at a restaurant.


Burnt hands

The boy had gone to the restaurant to have lunch with his family. When he was queuing at the food counter he wanted to see what was inside a bowl that was on top of a hotplate. He put his hands on the hotplate to help him look inside.

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Chemical damage by hairstylist


£8,300 compensation

A 24 year old woman who suffered an allergic reaction and chemical burns to her scalp after having her hair dyed has been awarded £8,300 compensation.

She had wanted to lighten her hair colour. When she was at the salon she told them she had a history of dermatitis and wanted to use only natural products. She had an initial patch test, but on the day of the actual appointment the stylist did not use natural products.

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Man left brain damaged after fall from moving bus

A 36 year old man has been awarded £1.3million compensation as well as £31,500 per year for the rest of his life after falling off a moving bus.


Moving bus fall

He was left brain damaged and significantly reduced vision. His life expectancy was reduced by five years.

The accident happened when the man got on a bus. The driver shut the doors on him and drove off. The man fell out of the bus while it was still moving.

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Unfair dismissal after stroke

A man from West Wales who was dismissed from his job following a severe stroke has been awarded nearly £400,000 compensation for disability discrimination.

Help Stress at work

Stress at work

The employee, who worked as a branch manager for a well known company, had been under a lot of stress because of his work.

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