Jail for selling 12-rated videos to underage children

People who sell 12-rated video games to children underage could soon face jail.

Tougher jail terms for selling 12-rated videos to underage childrenThe tough new approach comes as the Government looks to make the 12 rating legally enforceable for the first time.

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Children’s needs at forefront of new parenting agreements

Shared parenting agreements are being introduced by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) as part of a raft of changes to the family justice system in the UK.

The Children’s Minister, Tim Loughton, said: “On the issue of shared parenting, we accept the need to clarify and restore public confidence that the courts properly recognise the joint nature of parenting.

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Break-ups causing more mothers to abduct their children

Alarming figures show that the number of children being abducted when their parents separate has increased by 47% in a year.

The report, released by the charity, reunite International Child Abduction Centre, shows that it is the mother who abducts the child in 70% of cases.

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Father wins fight to have abducted child returned

A girl who was abducted by her mother has been returned to her father in Australia after he won his appeal in court.

The girl’s parents had lived together in Australia before they separated amid accusations of physical abuse.

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Boy awarded compensation after burning hands

A nine-year-old boy has been awarded £4,000 compensation after he suffered burns to his hands and fingers when he placed them on a hotplate at a restaurant.


Burnt hands

The boy had gone to the restaurant to have lunch with his family. When he was queuing at the food counter he wanted to see what was inside a bowl that was on top of a hotplate. He put his hands on the hotplate to help him look inside.

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