Woman awarded £30,000 after falling in shop

Accidents, falls

A 66 year old woman who was injured when she fell in a shop has been awarded £30,000 compensation.

The accident caused injuries to her face and upper body and she was left with discomfort in her left shoulder. She also found it difficult to speak and swallow and her sense of smell was reduced.

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Man awarded £1.65m after being injured at work

Lump sum and future income

A 52 year old concrete pump operator who was injured at work has been awarded a lump sum of £1.65m and £125,000 per year.

He was injured in an accident that left him needing 24 hour care after he suffered permanent brain injuries which resulted in physical and cognitive impairments.

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Protect your right to claim accident compensation

Accident compensation

It’s become fashionable in recent years to criticise people who want to claim compensation when they’ve been injured through no fault of their own – particularly by the media in the United States
and United Kingdom.

From time to time governments look as though they’re going to bow to pressure to curb back people’s rights to take legal action and pursue accident claims.

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