Injuries prevented man working

A swimming instructor has been awarded £1.25m compensation after his foot was crushed by a lorry.

The 42 year old had been helping a motorist move his vehicle off the road after it had broken down. As he was on the road himself to push the vehicle, an articulated lorry drove over his foot.It caused injuries to several joints and tissue in his foot and all of his toes were damaged. He needed several operations on his foot including having skin grafted from his thigh. Eventually most of his foot, including four of his toes had to be amputated.

Unable to continnue as swimming instructor

He had to use crutches to get about and this caused further problems. He needed another operation after prolonged use of the crutches caused tendon damage in his hand. His left knee was also under so much pressure that an old ligament injury flared up again.

The man was a qualified swimming instructor and he relied on his swimming classes for his income. The injuries he suffered made it impossible for him to continue working. His injuries are still causing him pain although they are expected to improve with physiotherapy.

Responsibility for the accident

He brought a claim against the lorry driver’s company. The company disputed the claim saying that the man shouldn’t have been standing on the road and was partly responsible for the accident himself.

The court ruled that the compensation should be reduced by 20% as the man was partly liable for the accident, but that the company should take most of the responsibility.

They agreed to an out-of-court settlement of £1.25m.