Government advice and your rights

Employment advice

Jobseekers  help and services
Work and families  including maternity and paternity rights, flexible working
Starting a new job CRB checks, references etc
Redundancy and leaving your job  your rights if made redundant, unfair/constructive dismissal, retitring
Employment terms and conditions
Problems at work – Grievance, disciplinary procedures, employment tribunals
Work status – agency, agricultural, migrant workers
Employee information and consultation
Trade unions – membership, industrial action
Health and safety including workplace stress

Advice and Information for Parents

Common parental concerns  
Young people and alcohol
Internet Safety
Your child’s safety in the home
Road and travel safety
Your pregnancy and baby guide

Managing Debt

Help with your debt
Debt repayment options
Debts and arrears
Recover debts owed to you
Making a court claim for money  
Responding to a court claim for money     
Debt and you  (for young people)

Mortgages and Repossessions

What you can do to avoid repossession – a guide
Mortgage advice – who to see and what to take
What to do if your mortgage lender takes you to court
Housing advice – how to get free legal help in court
Mortgage Rescue scheme