Agency workers to be given equal rights

Agency workers who work for a company for 12 weeks are being given the same rights as permanent employees.

Agency workers get permanent rights after 12 weeks work

Agency workers

The move is important because many companies like to employ agency workers on a temporary basis to avoid granting them the same rights as permanent staff.

However from October 1st, temporary employees only have to work at a company for 12 weeks before they are entitled to the same working conditions and basic employment rights as their colleagues who work permanently in similar roles at the company.

Even part time temporary workers who only do a small number of hours per week will be given the same basic rights after the initial 12 week period. Their employer will have to treat them as if they had been recruited directly.

From the first day a temporary worker starts at a company they will be entitled to use any facilities that permanent employees use. This might include a canteen, car park, childcare or any other facilities. They must also be made aware of any employment opportunities within the business.

After working for the company for 12 weeks they are entitled to available to equivalent permanent workers are such as salary, annual leave, night work, overtime, breaks and bonuses.