You haven’t done the dishes – I want a divorce!

When it comes to causing marriage break-ups, affairs and infidelity are way down the list.

What really gets couples racing for the divorce courts are seemingly mundane and trivial matters – such as whose turn it is to do the washing up or sweep the floor.

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Woman not entitled to ex-husband’s increased income

A woman whose ex-husband’s business earnings dramatically increased shortly after their divorce has lost her claim for a share in the windfall.

The couple had separated for a long time before their divorce was finalised and the woman did not play any part in the success of the business.

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More over 60s getting divorced

More couples than ever are getting divorced as they reach the Autumn of their lives.

Figures show that divorce rates in general went down by 11% from 2007-2009. That fall would have been greater if it hadn’t been for the over 60s bucking the trend. Their divorce rate rose by 4.2%.

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Married couples do not have to share lottery winnings

The High Court has ruled that married couples are not automatically entitled to their partner’s lottery winnings.

If one partner wins, they could just end the marriage without giving the other any of the winnings.

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Couples more likely to conceal assets during divorce proceedings

Family lawyers are worried that there is a growing trend of couples concealing assets from each other in order to get a better settlement when they get divorced.

The change follows a case last year in which it was ruled that someone cannot use secretly obtained documents to prove their partner has not declared all of his or her assets.

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