Court says mother doesn’t have to return children to the father

A woman has won her battle to keep her children in England, even though she told their father that she would bring them back to Australia.

The children involved were born in Australia and had a British mother and Australian father.

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Woman could seek contact order for her adopted son

A woman who placed her son in adoption has been granted permission to seek contact with him.

She had been going through s difficult time in her life when she had to give up her son. When her circumstances improved she had another son who was allowed to stay with her.

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Father must return children to the United States

A court has ruled that a father must allow his children to return to the United States so they can maintain contact with their mother.

The children had an American mother and a British father. The couple had lived and got married in the United States. They had two children while they were together.

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Court of Appeal reinstates father’s contact order

The Court of Appeal has ruled that it was wrong and ‘draconian’ of a judge to rule that a man could not see his daughter.

The man had separated from his partner when their daughter was three months old. The girl stayed with her mother but the man was granted contact and the daughter would occasionally stay with him.

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Child should not be forced to see his mother

The Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of a father who claimed that he was not obliged to force his son to see his mother. Even if a contact order is in place, if a child does not want to see one parent, it is not up to the other parent to force them to do so.

The case involved a couple who had two children together before they separated. The father was granted custody of the ten-year-old son but the daughter lived with the mother.

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