Agency workers to be given equal rights

Agency workers who work for a company for 12 weeks are being given the same rights as permanent employees.

Agency workers get permanent rights after 12 weeks work

Agency workers

The move is important because many companies like to employ agency workers on a temporary basis to avoid granting them the same rights as permanent staff.

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Long term staff sickness

Long term absence due to sickness can have a negative effect on everyone concerned within a business, according to research by Aviva UK Health.

Stricken woman with Issues of long term sickness

Issues of long term sickness

The study showed that two thirds of employers have had issues with long term staff sickness at some point. It also suggests that absenteeism affects employees as much as employers.

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Increased stress of young workers

British workers aged 18-29 are becoming more stressed at work, according to research by GfK NOP Engage.

Young people suffer more stress at work than older colleagues

Stress at work

Their report shows that 2.4m under 30s feel they are frequently under pressure at work. It also shows that a third do not believe they have the resources to do their job effectively and 39% believe their employer is blaming the recession for increased workloads put on their staff.

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Manager fired after insulting customers on Facebook

Take care on Social Media

Be careful of what you say

A pub manager who was fired for insulting two customers in a conversation with friends on Facebook has lost her claim for unfair dismissal.

The incident occurred when the woman was at work and was herself on the receiving end of some verbal abuse from the disruptive customers. The couple were told to leave and were barred from the pub.

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Employees losing out on pension rights

Pension or Incentives

Pension or Incentives

Over the last few years there has been a growing trend of employers attempting to persuade their employees to give up their pension rights in exchange for short term financial gain.

Many firms do not want to pay into their employees’ pension schemes so use the offer of cash incentives to encourage them to move their pensions to someone else.

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