Nurse dismissed unfairly after making lewd comment

The Court of Appeal has ruled that it was unreasonable to dismiss a nurse who made a lewd remark at work.

The nurse made a sexual comment as she was helping to restrain a patient. She was dismissed six weeks later by her NHS Trust after a complaint was made.

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Gay barman wins Employment Tribunal

A barman who was discriminated against because of his sexual orientation has won his claim against his employer at an employment tribunal.

He worked at a bar that had regularly been used by gay customers, but the owners decided they wanted to reinvent the bar as a gastro pub to attract a wider customer base.

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Firm guilty of constructive dismissal of sales executive

A sales executive has won a claim for constructive dismissal after he resigned due to the poor quality of service his firm provided to customers.

He worked as a salesman for a firm of office equipment and electrical goods suppliers.

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Care worker gets her job back after being unfairly dismissed

A care worker who was unable to find work after being unfairly dismissed has been given her job back after winning an unfair dismissal claim an employment tribunal.

It is very rare for this to happen but there were an unusual set of circumstances. The woman had worked for a care home and had another job with an agency.

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Salesman wins constructive dismissal case

A salesman has won a constructive dismissal case after a breach of trust by his employers.

He worked for a company that supplied office equipment and electrical goods. The company experienced numerous problems. Client’s orders would often be delivered late. The goods were also faulty a lot of the time. Occasionally an order would be diverted and not even reach the client at all.

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