Footballer in race discrimination case awarded £68,000 compensation

A black footballer who claimed he was racially discriminated against by his club has been awarded £68,000 compensation.

Mark McCannon

Mark McCannon

Mark McCannon took legal action against his former club, Gillingham, claiming that they had put him “through hell” due to racism in the workplace.

The court heard that he and his black team mates had been treated differently to the white players in the squad. Mr McCannon said he didn’t receive private treatment when he was injured. He was told he could have an operation on the NHS, which was “out of character” for the club.

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Firm guilty of constructive dismissal of sales executive

A sales executive has won a claim for constructive dismissal after he resigned due to the poor quality of service his firm provided to customers.

He worked as a salesman for a firm of office equipment and electrical goods suppliers.

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Christian doctor sacked after emailing a prayer to colleagues

A doctor has lost his unfair dismissal claim after he was sacked for emailing a prayer to his colleagues.

An Employment Tribunal heard that the Christian doctor was made to feel like a ‘religious maniac’ when he sent the prayer to his co-workers in an attempt to motivate his department. He sent other emails containing other quotes from the bible and various poems.

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False statements led to man being sacked

A man has been awarded compensation after his former employer made false statements which led to him being sacked.

The man worked at a university as a liaison officer. His work meant he was in regular contact with colleges throughout the country. Alleged staff relationship problems

Shortly after he took up the post, the Head of Human Resources at a college where he had worked six years earlier sent an email to the university. The email was addressed to the university’s Head of HR and contained false allegations about the liaison officer.

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Belief in New World Order tribunal case

A man has lost an employment tribunal claim after the court decided that his belief in conspiracy theories was not protected by the law.

He believed in a ‘New World Order’ in which the UK & US governments were part of a ‘Global elite’ along with major financial institutions across the world. The New World Order was set up to establish control over the world’s resources and enslave the masses.

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