Footballer in race discrimination case awarded £68,000 compensation

A black footballer who claimed he was racially discriminated against by his club has been awarded £68,000 compensation.

Mark McCannon

Mark McCannon

Mark McCannon took legal action against his former club, Gillingham, claiming that they had put him “through hell” due to racism in the workplace.

The court heard that he and his black team mates had been treated differently to the white players in the squad. Mr McCannon said he didn’t receive private treatment when he was injured. He was told he could have an operation on the NHS, which was “out of character” for the club.

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Footballer sues club for race discrimination

A black footballer is suing his former club for race discrimination claiming that black players were treated unfavourably compared to their white team mates.


Discrimination in football

It is a ground breaking case as it is the first time a football club has been sued by a player for race discrimination.

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Anglicised names

A company has been found guilty of race discrimination by an employment tribunal after it made its Indian staff call themselves by English names when talking to customers on the phone.

Race Discrimination

No Race Discrimination

The company which sells software to schools said it had asked its telesales employees from Indian origin to use an Anglicised version of their name on the phone and in their email address as it would help the customers avoid the difficulty of spelling Indian names.

Their white colleagues were not asked to use a false name.

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